MercuBuana University Entrepreneurship Centre

MercuBuanaUniversity  Entrepreneurship Center work  together with the ministry of cooperative and SMEs to  provide students with founding  capital for students to  become entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship has been the spirit of UMB since the foundation of this private university.  Therefore, the graduates are expected to be successful entrepreneurs or qualified managerial professionals in business and industry. Read more

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Faculties of Mercu Buana University

6Precision and tough

Civil Engineering


This department provides the knowledge and skill on construction management plan and various computer softwares for civil engineering. Also put more emphasis on real estate field,  transportation management and the structure of civil building. The graduates will have career in construction and build real estate field, house, industry, building, road, bridge, irrigation, dam and another civil building or become entrepreneur in construction service field. Read more


our-work-cultureDiscipline, honest and responsible (integrity) is the UMB’s work culture. These three things have to be the breath of UMB’s people in doing their activity at UMB.

Creative. Creativity come from individual who wants to create a better life. Many problems will stimuli creative idea and solution for individual

Environmental friendly. We can’t avoid that the future is environmental friendly. UMB prepare that all working unit, employees and lecturers always care about their environment.

Local value awareness. Building local creativity with local culture is really necessary to win the global competition. Local culture also in line with domestic resource based policy. Read more